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Australia Day

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Australia Day

I just tested positive for covid, so I wont be able to go to Canberra.

Hope the shoot goes well, and good luck everyone.


Good luck Rob

Hopefully it's just a mild dose.

bill collaros
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Take care Rob

Get well soon mate.

Looks like 2022 may be part 3 of the Covid show sadly.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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Sadly once again the annual Australia Day match has been cancelled due to concerns off spreading the virus.
A few of us are still shooting a friendly match on the Friday along side the general shooters so anyone wishing to attend is more than welcome. 9am start until whenever . Cheers Chris

Australia Day Matches 2022

Following notices of entry withdrawals and emails advising reluctance and trepidation in attending Australia Day matches 2022 it is with disappointment that THE AUSTRALIA DAY MATCHES 2022 ARE CANCELLED.
The financial issue was not in the deliberations due to a pledge of sponsorship of any short fall by a generous party who wishes to remain anonymous.
The factors influencing the cancellation were based on age demographics, general wariness of competitors, especially those with under lying medical issues. Also the fact Covid and its variants is trending upward at an alarming rate in Canberra/Queanbeyan area and NSW generally.
It is distressful this conclusion has been reached but the entry number would denigrate AD matches to an also ran on the BR calendar.
Paramount was the responsibility of duty of care plus the safety and well being of competitors and staff
Ann Brummell

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Well said Ann - a brave but

Well said Ann - a brave but necessary decision.
Once more this rotten virus has robbed us of a good shoot.
We can only hope that by Easter things may have improved and that the Nationals can go ahead.

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Crikey Rob, that is not good. I hope you dont get really sick. Lets hope it is only a mild dose. It is infecting people like wildfire and I suppose sooner or later we are all going to cop it. Get well soon mate.

Calm and Relentless

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