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John Giles RIP

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John Giles RIP

Sully just called me to let me know that John Giles passed away this morning.

He retired from benchrest competition many years ago and was more recently known as the man behind PSECO.

John was the first shooter to shoot his way into the benchrest Hall of Fame.


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Very sad news. John did all

Very sad news. John did all my work for many years - he was an excellent gunsmith. I remember once he told me that people told him what they wanted, but he gave them what they needed. A fair statement. PSECO rifles led the way for many years.
We are diminished.

bill collaros
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Rest in Peace John

When i started shooting in 2008 and wanted to build one of the new you beaut custom rifles, Johns were certainly up there with the must haves. Condolences to his family

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Steve Blaine
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rip john my mate

I have 7 builds from John back in 1998 always great if you want at mcmillan stock LOL best gun smith in QLD very sad to see him pass away. A gunsmith that would build a rifle that would shoot and he would say I build you a rifle that shoots you may think you want something else but you need this. And yes he supplied the best always liked to explain why you should have the rifle build. All benchrest shooters and long rang will miss the excellent smith work from John. RIP mate you will be missed

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John Giles funeral

Ira Rolley aske me to post the details of John's funeral for anyone wishing to attend.

It will be held at the Presbyterian Church of Cooparoo, on the corner of Emilyn St and Letchworth Rd Cooparoo at 11am on Monday 4th April.


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John Giles RIP

Also had the privilege of shooting with and having work done by John thus witnessing first hand his prowess, especially with the .308s and his expertise as a gunsmith.
It was also a pleasure to have John as a house guest during his attendances at NSW BR titles.
Condolences to his family at the loss of a true gentleman.
Ann & Tom Brummell

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