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Les Fraser


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Where do you live and what is your home range?

When did you first start benchrest?

I Started in 2009 and my first match was the Harry Madden at Belmont which I actually won.

Who helped you in the early days?

What was your first BR rifle?

First Rifle was a second hand Stolle panda with three Barrels

When did you get your first HOF point?

First points was gained at Canberra the last time a Nationals was held there i won a Yardage and the AGG in Sporter class with a Bat DS.

What year did you qualify?

Springsure Qld. 2022

Where do you shoot most?

I don't actually practice as there are no ranges close by , closest is about 3 hours away from home.

Which ranges do you like and dislike and why?

I like all ranges they all bring something exciting to the Table, Majura lots of mirage and changing winds. Silverdale vertical when no wind seems apparent controlling the group was very important there. Springsure ever changing and a real challenge to remain focussed. Little River in Vic super windy and strong gusts that can leave you with a missed shot very easy, Monarto love the baffles and the super flat range to 200yds can be challenging when shooting close to the baffle line.

Which matches do you like most each year?

For me the main match has to be Nationals the best of the best are there and the competition is at the highest level.

Have you shot overseas, when, where, how did you go?

Yes i have shot over sees in 1992 I won two gold medals and a silver at the International Law enforcement Olympics in Prone long range shooting gold at 800yds silver at 900yds and Gold at 1000yds. I have also represented Australia in Air Rifle and Rimfire rifle in Solvenia in 2017 placing 8th in the world.

What is your current equipment?

Bat DS sporter
STolle Grizzly II for HV
Stolle Grizzly II for a rail that is built on a redback precision chassis.

What is your philosophy for benchrest?

My philosophy for benchrest is, take the time to read the conditions and concentrate without distraction at the bench.

What advice would you give to new shooters?

For New shooters i would say talk to experienced shooters, look at the gear and how they set their reloading table up and, if you are sitting with a known great shooter when they start their string at the group watch the conditions. I am a advocate of getting new shooters involved and mentoring them in the early stages of their induction into the sport. I like to assist all shooters where i can and take pride is giving information that helps shooters on their journey.