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Back in the saddle again!

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Back in the saddle again!

I finally was able to get to a match for the first time in nearly 4 years!

And NSW State at Coffs Harbour was a perfect place to reappear. This has to be the most welcoming range I have ever visited, every time I go there it is like visiting old friends. Breakfast and lunch were supplied free, how good is that?

They were particularly nice to me and let me pocket a couple of medals and even a screamer group!

Rod Madeley did an amazing job as match director, and Ian Thompson handled the entries and scoring. Gary Hunt managed the target crew, and all went perfectly.

There was some fantastic shooting, particularly from Michael Thompson, Steve Sori and Mitchell Tallar.

If you haven't been to a match at the fantastic Dairyville Range, do yourself a favour, you wont regret it.