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Australia Day Matches

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Australia Day Matches

Well, after a break of a couple of years the Australia Day Matches were held at the Majura SSAA range last weekend. Although Saturday was a little on the warm side, Sunday was very pleasant with the usual tricky conditions. Just a few observations from this event:
. the Tobler family ran the event and did a marvelous job, from preparing the meals to running the bench line - huge WELL DONE
. the attendance was a little down on expectations, which was disappointing. These matches must be supported to be able to continue.
. Michael Heubner put on a flawless performance to win the heavy event
. 17 year old Josh Russell won the light event - the second youngest to win one of these at Canberra
. Paul Sullivan was always in the mix and took out the Two Gun Trophy

This match was the second qualifier for the SSAA team to go to France later this year for the WBC. Team to be announced soon,

All in all a very enjoyable weekend with friends old and new,

Michael Huebner
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Australia Day Shoot

Just a quick Thankyou to the Tobler Family for organising and running of the 2023 Australia Day Shoot.
It was well run from the target crew through to running of the line and from what we saw everything went like clock work.

As usual plenty of food available as well.

Hopefully this is the beginning of consistent matches again.



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