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6PPC BAT DS LB RP LH eject Built originally by Procal in 2007, current barrels chambered by Mark White, Stock is a Kelbly Klub in Black/Blue, with Jewel BR trigger. Simply getting out of SR BR. This rifle has done less than 40 days of BR shooting since 2007 according to my log book. Now a safe queen, looking for a new owner. Scope is a March 40x52 model no #D40F52 1/8 dot. Alternatively I have a Bausch & Lomb 36x with Tucker 3rd turret mod and Ackerman 3/32 dot installed (at reduced price of course). Barrels: - 19.5" OAL Maddco Fluted 14T SPT approx 2500rds , Krieger 14T approx 2000rds and new unfired 22.5" OAL Krieger 13.5T. Also available is a 29" OAL Krieger 22BR 8T .254" nk fired 200rds and shoots dots with Berger 80VLD's @3200fps, it will make LB wt and comes with 50 rebated rim cases to suit PPC bolt faces. Suitable for 300m mozzie or 600yd F class. I have match prepped cases for the Sporter and another set for the 2 Kriegers (same cases fit both). I have another BAT DS rifle these barrels will fit, but they are being offered with this rifle. I'm happy to discuss barrels and scope options and adjust the price accordingly. All reasonable offers will be considered, thanks Geoff W
$6 000.00
Geoff Wells
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Smiths Outdoors Bendigo Victoria