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QLD State Rimfire Championship

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QLD State Rimfire Championship
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QLD State Rimfire (2nd World Qualifier) Update:

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their nominations. Please note, there are only 2.5 weeks left until the deadline on October 8th.

All previous sharing requests have been honored. However, please be aware that due to limited availability, I might not be able to fulfill new sharing requests, though I'll do my utmost to accommodate everyone.

Here's the current availability:
- Light Class: 12 spots for both score and groups.
- Heavy Class: 1 spot for both score and groups.
- IRB: 22 spots available.
- Unlimited Air: 63 spots available.

Ensure you submit your nominations soon to secure your spot!

All donga are fully booked. People that have a donga secured are Simon Schultz, Brett Wilson, Stuart Neale, Roger Purtell and Brad Lancaster.

bill collaros
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This is the next big thing down under

Well done Tyrone on organising it, the field and numbers look great and it should be great lead up to the RBA Nationals.

Good luck to all who will make the Team to Spain 2024 after this event.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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QLD State Championship Draft Bench Draw

This is the draft bench draw for QLD State Championship, please let me know if I’m missing anyone or need to be removed from draw. I tried to get sharing best I can. If have any other concerns please message me on 0408721379 or email

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