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WBC Day 2 – HV 100

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WBC Day 2 – HV 100

A tricky day today, but as usual some dialled into the conditions well. After some rifle problems yesterday, two AUS team members are doubling on 2 guns (4 people shooting two rifles). Also, Barry had his rifle glue-in let go and thanks to Don Neilson (glue) and David Kerr (impromptu glue in job) was back to shooting his rifle by late morning. Today’s results in MOA, not MM.

Brendan 10th – agg .2401
Sully 12th agg .2454
Stuart 17th – agg .2591
Rob 23rd – agg .2740
David 28th – agg .2825
Fergus 30th – agg .2864
Barry 41st – agg .3080
Craig 53rd – agg .3305
Ray 59th – agg .3378
Phil 64th – agg .3409
Gavin 70th – agg .3612
Michael 74th agg .3791

Team cumulative scores after 100 LV and 100 HV
AUS A – 2nd
AUS C – 9th
AUB B – 12th

butch lambert
Fergus, you fellows are doing

Fergus, you fellows are doing very well. The real shooting begins tomorrow.

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