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WBC Day 3 – LV 200 & LV Grand

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WBC Day 3 – LV 200 & LV Grand

Some very difficult conditions at 200. Congratulations to Mats Johansson at 200 and Mike Ratigan for the LV grand.

LV 200
Barry 5th
Rob 6th
Stuart 9th
Brendan 15th
David 18th
Craig 28th
Ray 31st
Sully 39th
Fergus 67th
Gavin 71st
Phil 76th
Michael 81st

LV Grand
Brendan 5th
Barry 7th
Rob 10th
Craig 11th
Stuart 14th
David 15th
Sully 19th
Fergus 39th
Gavin 49th
Ray 58th
Michael 74th
Phil 86th

AUS A 2nd
AUS B 16th
AUS C 7th

butch lambert
Congratulations Mates! Keep

Congratulations Mates! Keep up the good work!

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