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Anschutz BR50

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Anschutz BR50

I have a BR50 2013, 20" barrel that has stopped shooting well.
It is in a Gronk stock with a machined, aluminium bed.
Tensioned to 40 inch lbs,
L/pold 8 to 25 AO scope.
Every thing that should work well,
Around 1,200 shots to date.
Cleaned carefully,
Midas M ammo. Previously shooting one hole .05" to .1" groups.
Now throwing shots around very freely,
Can any one offer a or two suggestion please
How could the flat action be bedded into the timber stock?

Thank you for any help.

Micky T
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Hi Dennisj
Do you have a pattern that you use to tension the bolts?
Has the barrel ever been removed from the action?
These action are so finicky if everything is not perfect they come off tune. I took my 2013 apart just cause I was curious and wanted to weigh the stock. Put it back together, tensioned and rechecked everything. Went out to the range and it wouldn't shoot, took me a few weeks to get her shooting again. What did it was the tension of the bolts, I backed them off and just adjusted them until it starting shooting again. Needless to say the setting was about 0.25NM off from my usual setting but it made all the difference.



Good day Mick,

Thanks for the help. It is a good thing that aging is offset by slower thinking.
I changed scope mounts about the same time I changed stocks. The new mounts never look as though
they were completely settled. Changed back to Weaver/Picatinny style it looks very secure

With that and the tensioning I should be back to good groups next weekend.
Kind regards

Dennis J

native hunter
G"day, I find I have to put a

I find I have to put a brush down my gun about every 1500 shots,normally its just patches.

I agree with Native, stop

I agree with Native, stop cleaning it too often. If you read the owners manual for the rifle, they recommend cleaning it every 10,000 rounds, given they built it and have been building rifles for over 100 years, they just might have an idea what makes the work.

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Here is what I would do

Someone else told me about this idea this week, and it sounded a great to me:

1. Redrill and tap the 3 barrel release bolts to a larger size, with the socket heads on top of the action.
2. Put some plasticine in the bottom of these holes on the bottom of the action.
3. Glue in the action.
4. No more bedding problems.


BB Administrator

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