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Head space .22 rimfire

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Head space .22 rimfire

What effect does tight head space have on a rifle and the shot.

Some rounds require effort to close the bolt.
Would this damge the action or throw the shot out?

As always thanks for any help.


Head Space

I do not like tight head space! (my preferance)
From my reading of Bill Calfee's work, head space is not critical.
I understand you run a 2000 action, you can reset your headspace with ease, I would do that.
As for acuacy, the question for me is, does the tight head space and tight bolt closure affect the alienment of the bolt?

The paper at 50m should tell you if you have a problem.


OK as rim thinkness dose vary so dose head space
SO what is the best head space for any given rim thickness


Micky T
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For Eley I set my headspace

For Eley I set my headspace up for 0.042” on my rifles. Eley rims measure around 0.036-0.038.
Seems to work well for me.
The hard closing of the bolt on some rounds may be due to the length from rim to front driving band variances in the ammo. If one has a match chamber this is, where the lands engrave the bullet.
I find this a lot with SK ammo. The tight rounds do strange things, they go vertical on me. So I just put them in the sighter whenever I come across one.
Cheers Mick

Thank for the reply

Thank for the reply michael
You may all so fine the rims are not the same thicknsss around the circumferance
I found out a few years back a veriation of the distance from the head [ rim] to the fist drive band will case all sorts of problems I think
That distance and the rim thickess must be the same
Juist thinking what is the distance from the bolt face to the inside of the extractor claw
Dose the extractor claw hold the rim againts the bolt face


No replys

NO replys on this one M mm


Headspace .22 rimfire

Bleiker manufactures his rifles for Eley @ 39.5thou and the corner between the rim and the case can get a burr, it might be advisable to bevel the chamber in that location... I have known people to run head spaces of up to 45thou... And as mentioned befor, the paper never lies

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