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Hi brains trust,

I'm new to shooting and are seeking to learn a bit from those who have been here a while.

I am looking at weighing my 22LR ammunition to remove the flyers, but want to buy a scale now that would also work well when i get into reloading for centre fire, maybe a year away.

I think the <$100 units would not be accurate enough. Should I spend as much as I can on scales to obtain better accuracy? What type of readability should i look for, 1 milligram?

Thanks guys

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When you learn how to (remove the flyers) there are hundreds of shooters on here who would love to know how you do it. You could patent the system and make millions.

Michael Huebner
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If you want a scale that is accurate, multi use for your chosen purpose and weighing powder etc, very accurately you will need to go to a force restoration type scale not a strain gauge type. Example is the A&D FX120i about $1100. That is about the starting price for this type of scale.

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Hey Michael, this response is so so helpful. Thank you so much. 3 days down the youtube rabbit hole and I had not picked up this vital piece of knowledge.

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