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Berger Column in PPC

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Berger Column in PPC

Does anyone use these Berger column in a PPC with BM1 powder? or any other powder?

John B
John B's picture
Good bullet

Hi Michael, I have used them with varying success. They are a good bullet but I had more success at 100M and not so much at 200. I used them with VV 133 and BM2 powders.
They seem to work at loads that achieve 3370 to 3400 fps. Others with more experience with this bullet may have different opinion. As usual, build up to your load carefully starting at a known safe load for your particular gun / barrel / powder combination.

thanks John

thanks John, i got another gun, so trying a different combo with these projectiles ive had for ages and some BM1 that i have sitting on my shelf. I was thinking light bullet and fast burning powder might be a good combo try.

Gary Manteit
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26gns of BM1 is a good load in three of my rifles and also my daughters. Velocity runs 3160-3200fps for 64-67gn projectiles. 28gns 2219 gets more velocity at 3300fps with 64.3gn Berger columns. Shooting 28.4gns of 2219 at the moment due to colder weather but have not chronographed it . Loads are safe in my rifles, naturally work up to them.
Happy load testing.



thanks Gary, I have a heap of 2219 as well. I'll see how the BM1 goes first.

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