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Wind Flags

I have a colour blindness problem, and I have a great deal of trouble identifying subtle changes in traditional flags due to not being able to see contrasting colours well.

I tested lots of colour combinations to come up with something that works for me.

They are made from black corrflute and bend into a u-shape. There is a wire clip that holds them in the shape.

On the inside, there are white stripes made from 3M reflective Scotchlite. This is used to read the flags when winds are predominantly head wind. These stripes are particularly easy to see in the late afternoon when light starts to fade and the reflective stripes really show up.

For crosswinds, both sides are covered with fluro colours, green and pink, with a white reflective border. Most flags seem to be red, but I really have trouble seeing the contrast with dirt, so I find the pink much better.

The poles are made from stainless steel and are 600mm (24 in) long. An aluminium pipe slips over this pole to give height adjustment via rubber o-rings.