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WBC - Volunteers

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WBC - Volunteers

WBC 12 will probably be held at Silverdale in the 1st week of October 2013.

I am happy to volunteer my services for the WBC if I do not qualify for the team.

Any other volunteers?


Its a long way off

Its a long way off, but your can put me down to help as well.


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WBC Volunteers

If I don't qualify my name is down! to help.


Even before the Aussies left

Even before the Aussies left for S.A. I promised the NSW delegates that Lee-Anne and I would be there to assist. That offer is still in place. Pete

Peter van Meurs

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G'Day Rob, I'll be there any

G'Day Rob,
I'll be there any way (just to watch!).....wouldn't miss it for the world.....oops! no pun intended!

So if you need help, more than happy to get my hands dirty!

Cheerio Geoff

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Count Me In

What a great learning experience and the chance to see some top shooting. Count me in to give a hand.

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Count me

I will be there.

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Just over three years ago I

Just over three years ago I volunteered my services for the WBC and I am still able to help if needed.

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So has the WBC 12 been

So has the WBC 12 been called off or you don't want help?

Michael Huebner
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You will need to contact Ann

You will need to contact Ann Brummell - TAB User on here

They may have enough people I have no idea


WBC12 Volunteers

On behalf of the WBC12 Committee of Management should like to thank all those who responded to the call for volunteers at the forthcoming World Benchrest Championships.

In the first instance the Committee was unsure of the response given the fact a weekend and a working week were the days of practise and actual competition but we were overwhelmed with the response. Consequently we have been able to fill the roster, have a few spare bods and others on standby.

The wealth of experience of those willing to give their time and assist is amazing with many versed in World Benchrest events and cognisant of WBSF Rules and regulations plus Silverdale's Range staff. Also more than half the volunteer positions were offered to those who have been instrumental in officiating and working at National and State title events over a prolonged period. The majority offered positions have responded in the affirmative but with seven weeks to go anything can go awry and cause a reorganisation.

We have names on file should anything unplanned occur or we find voids in the jobs and roster we had not contemplated.

Again Committee thanks all who offered their services..

Ann Brummell

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