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Barrel tuner relationship to bullet speed

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Barrel tuner relationship to bullet speed

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb for moving a barrel tuners direction in relation to bullet speed ? I shoot 22LR benchrest with a lowey tuner and when I buy a new batch of ammunition it may vary 20 fps or other brands may vary more.
I don’t buy large quantities at a time and often my last batch number is not available. The ability to get back on tune quickly would save bullets.
I have experimented a little and it seems the faster the bullet the further out I need to turn my tuner.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks wr066

bill collaros
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Hi mate

Personally i do what i was taught by some of the USA's top shooters. Once the setting is found, leave it alone then keep finding ammo that works. Some also may say the ammo speed has more to do with wind speed and season... Others may have a different view ?

Bill Collaros Australia
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There is no easy answer, a rifle that is we’ll sorted out I wouldn’t need to adjust the tuner, but in the past if the rifle is not in tune yes I’d adjust the tuner with different lots.

Everyone has their own way to sort out tune and ammo selection and there are NO short cuts. In my case I do all my tuning and lot selection in the wind using electronic targets and I’m only looking for a barrel ammo combinations that shoots through the wind and have zero idea on what sort of group sizes I get. Sounds crazy but my Turbo has been to 9 nationals and won 5 of them.


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Scott k
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I’ve found with my rifles once the tune is set, it will
Shoot most speeds of ammo , I find different batches just group in a different place , easier to adjust the scope than the tuner

Big Bad

This may help with understanding the Physcis of tuning


Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

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