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Rail Gun #5

Yes, I made yet another rail gun!

As much as I would have loved to stay with the tensioned barrel concept, I just could not get to make it shoot as well as I would have liked.

Of course this could just have been the barrel, but I figured I would just make another one anyway.

Since I now have a CNC milling machine, this made the whole job much quicker. Actually, I should have made a few more while I was at it, when it was all setup and programmed.

When setup on the base it tracks perfectly true, this is not easy to accomplish.

I liked the idea of having the barrel inside an aluminium extrusion, and I was able to source a piece from a company in Perth.

To ensure adequate ventilation, I needed a lot of holes. There were cut with a 10mm milling cutter into interpolated circles.

The action is a Bat DS stainless. The barrel blocks can be loosened and the barreled action removed without too much trouble. My idea is that I can take out the barrel from my bag gun, fit it to this action and test it, or a second barrel if the other is not working. Headspace is identical so I can share cases.

The guides front and rear are stainless steel.

The base was converted from my last rail gun with a few modifications.