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Please join me in congratulating the 16 shooters we are sending to the WRABF World Championships in 2023 in Plzen.

More announcements and Team Captain etc to be advised over the coming weeks.

See attached for full teams line up

Formal Announcement
Australian Team for 2023 WRABF World Championships
Plzen, Czech Republic
24th July – 4th August 2023

Target Rifle Australia Ltd is pleased to announce the team of 16 shooters, including 3 juniors who have been selected to compete at the 2023 WRABF World Championships to be held in Plzen, Czech Republic from 24th July – 4th August 2023.

Team members will compete across five disciplines 25m Air Rifle Light Varmint (ARLV), 25m Air Rifle Heavy Varmint (ARHV), 50m Rim Fire International Sporter (RFIS), 50m Rim Fire Light Varmint (RFLV) and 50m Rim Fire Heavy Varmint (RFHV).

bill collaros
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To Sonia Frost and Glenn Seaman on being appointed Co- Captains of the Australian RBA Team for the 2023 WRABF World Championship

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

bill collaros
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I would like to acknowledge the sponsorship of the following companies, many of which are long term sponsors and supporters of World Teams.

Target Rifle Australia - Major Sponsor
BRT Shooters Supply
Huntsman Tuners
Mitchells Dairy
Paintball Sports
Macorra Motors
Lowey Products
Cleaning and Caretaking Corporation
Top Gun
Simmons Logisitics

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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