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2023 Silverdale Cub shoots

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2023 Silverdale Cub shoots
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Hello everyone.

We finally managed to have a benchrest club shoot at Silverdale after the range was destroyed by flooding early in 2022.

Results for Saturday 18/2/2023 are attached.

John Babic took out the first round with a brilliant .198 aggregate and Brenda Brown second with a tidy .256 aggregate.
Well done to our new 12 year old debutant Hunter Harris who shot some great groups for a first timer shooting groups, finishing in 6th place with a .436 aggregate.
Jack Lipko shot the smallest group of the day with a .135 target.
It was good to have a couple of Fly shooters join the ranks this round after dusting off their PPC rifles and getting amongst it all .

We have introduced a handicap system this season to try and level the playing field a little between the beginners and the experienced competitors.
*Hall of Fame shooters have a 100 thou score added to their grand aggregate
* Shooters who compete in registered short range competitions have 50 thou added to their grand aggregate.
* New and lesser experienced shooters don't receive any change to their grand aggregate.

The new handicap system didn't effect this rounds placings, but I think as the year progresses and scores get tighter we could see some different results.

Well done to everyone.

Congratulations to John Babic who shot particularly well.

Well done to everyone on the day. It's great to be back.

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April Shoot

G'day all,

Thanks for the turn out on Saturday the continuous support is greatly appreciated and it was good to get a 200 yardage in for a change.

Conditions were a little tricky with Silverdale delivering its usual swirling wind and with target frames close to the ground made for massive mirage throughout the morning

Dave Zucconi switched to his 6 BR after his success in the resent Fly shoot at Wagga and played around with various loads trying to dial in his rifle for the shorter distance.

Dave Dixons weekly visits to the range sorting out his 6BR have payed dividends especially at 200 this weekend.

Congratulation to Dave Dixon who took the honours for the day with .325 agg, Chris was 2nd with.356 agg and Brenda 3rd with .399 agg.
Chris shot the smallest group with a .353 on the 3rd target of the morning.

Thanks again and look forward to next month.

Results Attached.

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John B
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Congrats to Dave Dixon, good to see he's got that BR going. I will miss the May shoot as well as I'm planning to go to the QLD 4 gun at Springsure but will see you all at the June shoot, hopefully Steve Sori will be there as well.
Good work Chris and Brenda.

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Silverdale May 20th shoot

Once again thanks everyone who turned up and thanks for the continued support.

We all expected cool calm winter conditions but were greeted with strong wind and silverdale turning into a bit of a washing machine.

That said there was some nice shooting and great to see most shooters are improving each match.

Dave Zucconi took the day with a combination of his 6BR and 30cal with a handy 358 agg.
Chris took out the smallest group with .201 group.

Dave Dixon continued to be consistent and Jack Lipko turned up with the right load for his rifle.

It's been great to see Karl Kuhen returning to good form and It was awesome that all the range management and staff call Karl one of the "originals" and show great respect for him.
Thanks again and we will all catch up next month shooting out to 200.

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June club shoot

Don’t forget our next club shoot on June 17 shooting at 200 yds
Look forward to seeing you all there . Cheers Chris

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