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Who else is trying new gear this year

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Who else is trying new gear this year
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Hi All,
After a very long wait I am finally getting to try some new gear this year.
I have received my new Randolf Machine front rest - I already have one but with my 2 sons and my dad shooting with me at some events a second was required. Red ones go faster! and this took very little time to be delivered (2 weeks).
I will have a new heavy Rimfire to be shared between the boys and I finally get to upgrade my poor old sporter.
New Parts being tested.
Turbo V3 with the new double cocking ramps, factory crescent firing pin and updated firing pin spring.
Turbo barrel tuner will be tested but I uncertain on looks and weight.
Precision Quest Products barrel tuner - I have had this awhile but no barrel to fit it to. Nearly the same as a Harrel but the locking screws stop it getting bumped off tune.
Muller Works 8 Groove in 0.900" dia straight profile - I love my 4 groove Muller on my other heavy and this 8 groove should be just as good.
Muller Works 8 Groove in Gorden Eck sporter profile - My poor old Shilen Calfee Profile has served me very well with many National and internation medals, but the time has come.
Flarvio Fare BR 2.1 Whisper trigger. I have used the original BR trigger in the past, there has been some internal upgrades I think.

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I’m trying a new red gum stock. Although it is the same profile as the old one it sits in the bags better, not sure why but further research is needed.

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New Gear

It looks like you have been to tthe lolly shop Mate. You will be a whole new shooter with all that new gear so best of luck and I will look forward to you doing well with it all.

Calm and Relentless

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