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Rest In Peace Barry Edgley

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Rhys Edgley
Rest In Peace Barry Edgley

It is with great sadness that I inform you of Dad’s passing. Barry passed away on Sunday 20th November at home in Narangba. We are having a service on Monday the 28th of November at 9:30am. The funeral will be conducted at Traditional Funerals Burpengary 636 Morayfield Rd Burpengary. For those of you who are unable to attend, we are having a livestream and a recording will be made available online afterwards. Benchrest was a large part of Dads life and I know he would appreciate my inclusion of the Benchrest family.

bill collaros
bill collaros's picture
Very sad news Rhys

Your Dad was a BIG part of helping me get started in Rimfire Benchrest Shooting, a great man who gave a lot to shooting sports and was also extremely talented with the gear and equipment he created and sold to many over the years. My deepest condolences to you and the family, may Barry rest in peace.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

robbycar's picture
Terrible news

Really sorry to hear of Barry's passing.

He was a real stalwart of br in Queensland and he will be greatly missed.


BB Administrator

I'm so sorry to hear this news

I had wondered why we hadn't heard anything about Barry for a while so now we know.
Barry was national chairman for benchrest during some of my time as a state delegate and I also competed with him over the years.
He was always a gentleman and a creator of benchrest accessories, some still in use today.
Condolences to you Rhys and all your family.
RIP Barry
Maureen Edwards

Michael Huebner
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Rest In Peace Barry Edgley

I was sad to hear of this Rhys. Your Dad was a real innovator in the Benchrest arena. Making carbon fibre stocks, front rests (windage top), wind flags, Cordura bags and the Cordura bolt protectors and probably many others I don’t know about. Also making the BRT flags.

He will be missed but I am sure remembered for many years to come.


Steve Blaine
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Barry RIP

RIP Barry it comes at great sadness with the loss of a great friend and mate. Barry gave so much to the sport, the development of the wind flags marketed by BRT plus numerous other benchrest products Barry was a quite achiever with the thoughts of keeping the short-range shooting alive at SSAA Belmont these were both his monthly shoot plus the aim to continue the Harry Madden, with little or no support Barry always managed to run the Madden shoot the last was 2019 pre covid. Barry had recently decided to semi retire in North Queensland but his illness denied him of his wish. Farewell mate you are missed as a friend and greatly missed as the organiser for Belmont shoots.


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