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The Harry Madden & Barry Edgley Trophy is Back - March 31st to 2nd April 2023

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The Harry Madden & Barry Edgley Trophy is Back - March 31st to 2nd April 2023

The Harry Madden this year (2023) will be held from 31st Friday March (Practice), Sat 1st April (LG) & Sun 2nd April (HG), the competition will also incorporate The Barry Edgley LG Trophy which will be shot on the Saturday over 100 & 200 yards. The Friday the 31st March 2023 is practice day.

Total prize pool available for the 2 day event in April is $8,000, plus Medals & Trophies, plus 2 Gun Title, sanctioned registered match, also any records shot are registered as a record.

This will be a big event this year and the Saturday is known as the Barry Edgley LG Trophy shot over 100 & 200yds, the winner will be Combined Agg. The Sunday as you know is the Harry Madden HG 200yds Trophy, there is the 100 & 200yds Combined HG plus the 2 Gun Trophy in LG & HG at the Harry Madden / Barry Edgley Trophy which are all shot at 100 & 200 yards. Top 10 in Classes etc. etc.

The Smallest 5 shot group shot under .080" over either the Saturday or the Sunday will win $4,000 (only one winner, smallest group). There will be 10 x $200 prizes for anyone who shoots a group between .080" and .100" (only one prize per person).

The winner of LG 100yd & 200yd combined will receive, 1st place $250, 2nd place $150 and 3rd place $100, the winners of HG 100yds & 200yd combined will receive, 1st place $250, 2nd place $150 and 3rd place $100.

There will be two free raffles (one Saturday and one Sunday), each competitor will be given one entry in each draw. Prizes are two new 6mm barrels un-chambered.

The Lions Club will undertaking the catering, breakfast and lunch will be available Saturday & Sunday plus free tea & coffee throughout those days.

We are hoping those competitors north of Brisbane that are heading down to the Nationals at Coff Harbour the Easter Weekend will take few days off earlier and call in shoot this competition on the way and get their eye in. That also goes for the guys from down south heading to the Nationals at Coffs Harbour, this is a great warm up and it's only a couple extra days, a great weeks shooting, total 3 events in two weekends.

The Nomination Form is now available.


Robert Van Gaal & Rhys Edgley

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The Nomination Form Harry Madden & Barry Edgley Trophy

The Nomination Form for the Harry Madden & Barry Edgley Trophy is now available, it can be downloaded from the SSAA Belmont website link below:-

Also from:-

Once the form is completed it must emailed/sent to:-

Hope to see you there?

Robert Van Gaal -
Rhys Edgley -

Harry Madden Prep

A small group of dedicated Brisbane club members spent the the day fixing and preparing the target frames in preperation for the Harry Madden today.
All new coreflutes fitted for the Everyman targets. New coreflutes and attachments for the moving backers. Not 100% finished but we will have it done in time for the shoot.
If you are still on the fence as to whether or not to compete, please come and support our shoot. More registered matches means more opportunities to shoot. More registered shoots will hopefully entice more shooters. More shooters means our sport will survive into the future.

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Nominations are now officially closed.

Thank you to all those who have nominated.

Should anyone who missed the deadline to nominate please contact SSAA Brisbane on their main phone number and speak Michael before 12 noon today in regards to a late nomination.

Robert Van Gaal
Harry Madden Club

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