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WBC Results now available

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WBC Results now available

First time I could not get a copy in a format I could use for the WBSF site, so I had to manually enter the whole lot!

Would be interesting to get some comments from team members.

Michael Huebner
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WBC Comments (My thoughts)

A few quick comments;
1. No one will be rushing out and purchasing Fiocchi primers anytime soon if ever. Ask how many popped/pierced a primer at average to low loads. (More than I have seen in 20 odd years of competition)

2. If someone says Fiocchi primers look like being a problem before you go, they probably should be believed and try to arrange alternate supply.(did try but you cannot purchase as a foreigner in French store)

3. The benches were glued ply and moved. It was amazing some of the groups and aggs shot on them.
(Try shooting without touching the bench at all)

4. Amazing how well some of the USA had there rifles tuned (They were using CCI Standard primers)

5. The columns holding up the baffles were a challenge.(for all)

6. You don’t need 8 flags to 200m, especially when you can’t see them all clearly, even more so on a flat range when you can’t get a half a vane difference between flags.

7. Expect some improvement with some on there return to Australia - I think Alistair McMillan will be one of those big improvers. He shot pretty well and I think he learnt a lot.

8. Keith Sewell shot extremely well considering the primer handicap and being crook.

9. French food is overrated except their pastries are magnificent. Food is expensive

9. French (Paris) traffic is probably worse than Sydney’s, especially when King Charles is in town.

10. See Team B win against the other Aussie teams at 200m even when Prolly got a 2 MOA penalty. (Priceless) Note: Even when you think all the shots are in there best to make sure - put another one in there.

11. Put GPS trackers in your gear in case it gets lost. Even if your not taking live ammunition best to apply for as if it is, so some over zealous screener says there is an issue with your bag.
ie On my return Borderforce thought I had a pistol as airline screened my bag in France with my bolt separate to rifle.
Fill out paperwork correctly and flying with a firearm is no problem at all.

12. The next WBC is in USA - St Louis
13. The one after is planned for Finland

14. Probably best to freight gear over early rather than individuals pay all the excess baggage individually.

Summary Complete.

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