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Gluing action

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Steve 2141
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Gluing action

I'm new to gluing in actions, some advice appreciated, so I've bedded the action using devcon and had the barrel attached so to align with barrel channel.

Now when I actually glue the action in place should I have the barrel attached as when I bedded it or just the action alone using tape to hold it in position

I'm restocking a stolle panda and remington 700 in kelby stocks


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Leave the barrel on

Remove scope. Remove trigger and bolt stop. Put plasticine or bluetac in the recesses on the action as well as in the trigger recess and bedding screw holes in the stock.

Clean action with prepsol, acetone or metho, then clean again! Cover the whole stock with newspaper and tape in place.

Wrap masking tape around the barrel about 1/2 way along as well as just in front of the action until it sits in the correct position. Apply release agent to the outside of the tape. Make sure you can slide a piece of paper under the action so there is room for the glue.

Do this while the rifle is setup on your rest and sandbags. If you do, you can put a level across the top of the scope bases or action to make sure everything is perfect in both directions before the glue. Do this a few times, you don't want to have to do it again!

Apply epoxy sparingly, you don't need to have it flow everywhere. Glue on a warm day, or in a warm room.

Clean off excess epoxy with metho. Use a cotton bud to get to the seam between stock and action. Make sure there is no extra epoxy anywhere.

Allow to dry for 24hrs, then unscrew the barrel, remove tape and use a chisel or Dremel to remove excess glue in front of the action.

Reinstall trigger, bolt stop and scope.

Go to the range and shoot bugholes!


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Steve 2141
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Many thanks

Many thanks

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