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My name is John and am privileged to be Ann Brummell's brother so on her behalf advise that Tom passed away peacefully yesterday evening.
Tom has been in permanent care for the last 15 months. In the eight years prior Ann devoted herself to caring 24/7 to Tom's wellbeing with all the associated trials and tribulations that goes with such a commitment until the medicos called time.
Tom has had a varied and interesting life embracing many sports from shooting, skiing, fishing, boating, rodeo, motorcycle racing plus professions such as semi driver, heavy machinery operator, agriculture, shearer, dam builder, public works overseer and interesting hobbies such as playing around on a lathe and saddlery.
Tom's passing leaves a vacuum in the lives of our close familes but we do have consolations he was with us for 60 of his 88 years, plus all but his last few hours were spent with Ann and he passed peacefully.
Tom had signed various documents and upon reading same have learned a directive advising that it was his wish to not have a funeral or service and the family will honor his wishes.
RIP mate
Brummell, Ardler and Seward families

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So sorry to hear this news

I spent a lot of time with Tom over the years, at shooting matches as well as on the mountain skiing.

He will be missed.

RIP mate.


BB Administrator

bill collaros
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Rest in Peace Tom

Sincere condolences to Ann and the family.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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Sad to hear of Tom's passing

Sad to hear of Tom's passing - not unexpected but always a time of sadness for family and friends who knew him.
I first met Tom and Ann at the 1976 Benchrest Nationals in Canberra - my first Nats and a steep learning curve.
I remember watching the likes of the Brummell's, Dave Billinghurst and Ron Marsden shoot, and marveled at their skill.
Questions were asked and advice freely given. Tom spoke to me of his motor bike racing days as well as many tips on how to shoot benchrest.
I still have a 17 Mach 4 that Tom chambered for Bruce Treloar many years ago.
In latter years as Tom's health declined and dementia took hold I still remember Tom coming to Canberra with Ann. He always remembered me.
"Young Atkinson," he would say, after I greeted him. Being called young (I am nearly 76 now) was a compliment indeed.
The Champions of the sport are starting to leave us and we are poorer for their passing. We are blessed to have known such people.
The Brummell name is indelibly etched into the history of our sport in Australia.
RIP Tom you will not be forgotten
Condolences to Ann and family.

Brendan Atkinson #13

I'm so sorry to hear this news

Sincere condolences to Ann and all the Brummell family. RIP Tom

Maureen Edwards

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Tom Brummell

Sad news about Tom a hard competitor when it's his day although sick quite a long time, but Tom was tough as nails. I hope he is in a better place now, I also wish Ann the very best at her time of grief and sorrow.


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Tom stories

I met Tom and Ann on my 16th birthday, more than 50 years ago! I went to Silverdale with my parents to shoot my birthday present, a .222. I had no idea how to shoot, and I got a few pointers, and Tom even cleaned my rifle as I had no cleaning gear. This started me on the long benchrest road.

When I turned 18, Tom told me "Young Carnell, you need to go and drink some good Guinness, pick me up at my place on Wednesday night and I will sort it out." So, I picked up Tom, and that is the last I remember of the evening. I have no idea how I got home, but I hope I didn't drive! To this day, I have never drunk another Guinness!

Tom took up snow skiing in his mid years, and I was a keen skier back then, so we went together a couple of times. I was kind of expecting we would stay in a motel or something, but I realised this would be a different trip when I saw the tent on Tom's car roof! He liked to camp at Jindabyne and walk across the road to the pub for a few quiet ones after a hard days skiing. I have probably never been as cold as that trip.

Once we got back in to the tent the first night, I grabbed my wet pack to go to brush my teeth prior to bed. Tom asked me where I was going, when I told him, he produced a bottle of Grants scotch from under his cot and told me to have a swig of that and forget the toothpaste!

Rest in peace Tom, I will miss you.


BB Administrator

RIP Tom Brummell

I as well as our close families on both sides are overwhelmed with all the expressions of condolence and sympathy we received at Tom's passing.
The plethora of words, emails, phone calls, cards and flowers were much appreciated and we extend our heartfelt thanks.
Tom will be missed especially in our family circle but the mantra we have chosen is when the heart is empty we will fill it with happy memories.
Again thank you all once again much appreciated.
Ann Brummell

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