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Broken (Split) Extractor Clip on Turbo V2 Bolt ( .22LR)

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Broken (Split) Extractor Clip on Turbo V2 Bolt ( .22LR)

Have owned by Turbo V2 since 2019 , purchased from the late John Giles, what a terrific guy & fantastic Gunsmith.
However on the weekend whilst shooting a Benchrest Match the bolt on my turbo would not cock on a loaded .22LR round.
Remove the round & the bolt would function & rifle would cock but very stiff bolt action.
Thought it may have been some grease/dirt had got into the bolt & took it home & soaked in kero for couple of hours but no improvement.
On closer inspection Inoted the extractor clip on the bolt had split almost halfway around & both the extractors were very loose.
Ican only assume their looseness is due to the split extractor clip?

Unsure if anybody in Australia is now handling Turbo actions or parts following Johns passing ?
Can anybody enlighten me on this please ?.
Alternatively is there an extractor clip that suits the Turbo v2 that is also common to another rifle make?
Would include a photo of the bolt/split clip etc but unsure how to post photos.

Any assistance appreciated

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Replacement part

Hi Dusty,

Send Brett Wilson an email, as he imports the turbo actions might be able assist in getting you a new replacement part.

more information required

Hi Dusty
Sounds like you have two separate issues, because I don't think loose extractors can stop the action from cocking unless maybe they are binding things up. I would remove the extractors and try bolt function.
Also check the lugs carefully for wear or issues. Finally strip and clean the bolt.
I am short of spare parts but Turbo might be improving with supply.

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